So, what's up with the ice cream?

It would seem that ice cream sundae pricing for nutritional therapy services, seems a bit counter productive when it comes to eating healthy, so why did we choose ice cream instead of an array of fruit and veggie options? Aren't we all about nutritionally sound foods?

why ice cream services

Yes BF4L is all about eating healthy!  But eating healthy doesn't mean we have to eat boring, where is the fun in that?  We are a society that drools at the sight of a juicy burger and we will stand in 90 degree weather, wait in line free-willingly, just to sweat it out for a simple scoop of ice cream.   Why not?  Ice cream is ah-maz-ing!

Here at BF4L our roots are grounded in a foundation that believes eating healthy should be MORE tempting than eating unhealthy.  Humans are biologically engineered by nature to desire fats, sugars, and carbohydrates-afterall those very things did keep us alive and thriving to the population we've grown to today.  For many, the thought of eating raw broccoli as a treat is as inviting as the thought of slaughtering our own cow to eat a steak.  It's just not for everyone.  So when it comes to that super hot day, no matter how healthy someone eats they are inevitably going to seek out a cold sweet treat, like ice cream, and it's much deeper than the obvious subzero temperatures.  This desire for the ice cold sugar-based substance actually stems from the control center of the body, the brain, and paleolithic as it may be it's also deeply emotional.  For this reason, we chose ice cream as the premise for our services, because eating healthy is just as psychological as it is physiological.  We also believe that eating nutritionally sound, healthy, holistic foods should also taste damn good!