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Life is about believing in all that is possible, where limits are only created by yourself.



BestFood4Life is a company that is on a mission to help people get back on track with their life through the harmony of nutrition and energy.  It is not a diet plan, it is a guide towards eating food that is specific to each individual while maintaining a balance of homeostasis.  BestFood4Life is an approach at living life to the fullest by helping you: discover your 'core' goals, build a foundation that enables you to achieve those goals, revitalize your body's potential, heighten your overall self-awareness, balance your body chemistry by means of whole foods, develop skills that maximize your nutritional intake, and finally create homeostasis in your life so that you can BE as young as you FEEL.  Accept no substitutes! 
Everybody deserves to know how to eat specific to their own needs in order to use their body to the fullest.  When not in tune with the body, listening and responding to symptoms becomes too overwhelming and the results feel like an prison sentence of miserable messages sent daily.  These messages can be anything from physical (weak, overweight, malnourished, tired) to emotional (stressed, depressed, anxious, hyperactive) and can include harsh outcomes from neglect (eczema, leaky gut, candida, diabetes, osteoporosis, obesity, heart disease, cancer).  Life was not meant to be a struggle with what to eat, but it has become this.  The body was designed to give the spirit a form of transportation for the experience of living, not sickness.  Yet, today many people struggle with these ailments and diseases and are unable to live life to the fullest. The goal of BestFood4Life is to enable you to wake up feeling good and have the energy to not only get through each day, but to LIVE each day feeling ALIVE! 

BestFood4Life changes the way people look and feel about the food they eat without sacrificing the enjoyment of food itself-in fact people walk away feeling entirely different about the relationship they have with food.  In the end, they have a stronger bond with the food they eat and connection with their body than they ever thought possible.

Nutritional Therapy lays the foundation for personal success, it gives you the ability to take any day and make it your own. Whether you’re bogged down by highly processed foods or prescription drugs, your body is demanding change and is reaching out in every way possible to make that change happen. Nutritional Therapy provides the tools to achieve these changes.
— Merissa Jem Roberts (MJR), Nutritional Therapist Candidate & Health Coach at BestFood4Life

What We've Achieved

  • Flexible Food Calendar
  • Onboard Training
  • Personal Coaching
  • Nutritional Therapy & Life Coaching Seminars
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  • Memberships with exclusive access.
  • Level Entry based on desires
  • Positive Goal setting with 100% success.