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How to Lose Weight When I Am Hungry All of the Time

While researching something about anatomy & physiology, I ended up finding some information on the website regarding a nutritional question I had.  On the right hand side, I saw a few more links to other areas of the website and a section that read: People are reading this, right now- "How to Lose Weight When I Am Hungry All of the Time."

My first thought was "NO!  You're not hungry all the time, you're starving all the time!" and I realized, "I USED to think like that!".  Before my husband and I changed the way viewed food, we really did think those thoughts.  We could eat and still feel hungry.  We resolved that issue over a 2 year period, analyzing our body and how what we ate affected us.  We ended up realizing that we were not eating food that was giving our body ANYTHING nutritious, so yes, it was 'starving'.

It’s hard to believe that after eating a breakfast: a cup of coffee, slice of toast, cereal w/banana, bowl of grapes & strawberries, with a cup of orange juice & water, how I could possibly be hungry 2 hours later. I ate so much, yet felt hungry all morning and continued to feel hungry until my lunch: a bean burrito, bag of chips, cup of carrots with hummus, and Frappuccino. I was able to stake off hunger with a couple of chocolate caramel chews and some crackers until dinner. Dinner time I felt stuffed after eating a baked chicken breast with breadcrumbs on top of asparagus pasta w/creamy light-alfredo sauce. The delicious meal was so filling but my sweet taste buds were craving something decadent and I ended up having a microwaved-warm brownie with peanut-butter chips and a scoop of vanilla swirl ice cream. I feel like I’m eating healthy, but I still feel overwhelmed and tired throughout the day. Always feeling hungry, until dinner.
— J.Baker Olympia, Wa

Now you feel bad, because you don't understand how you could eat what seems like a good amount of food and still be hungry.  You continue to gain weight and search for alternatives to defeat both your hunger and that scale.  You've come to associate hunger with inevitable weight gain, because you feel fat and no matter what you eat, you still gain weight. 
We have ALL been there before.  If it wasn't one thing it was another, maybe you deprive yourself at meals because you ate something 'bad' at lunch, so you don't eat a snack and then you eat dinner, or whatever the case may be.  It doesn't matter whether you eat a creamed doughnut with orange juice and skip lunch and eat carrots for dinner.  You'll gain weight and you're doing your body NO good in the process with these inconsistent eating habits and poor nutritional content. 

It's OK, I promise you, you won't be hungry if you eat foods that give your body full-on nutrients that don't leave you feeling like you're being deprived of something.  You will be able to eat a meal and feel full and satisfied. You do not have to be a victim anymore, it's okay, you can know the truth about food and DECIDE that you don't want to starve any more or take on diet fads that leave you hopeless & depressed AND you will be eating more delicious foods than you ever thought possible!  You're weight and body will be manageable and your outlook on life will be AWESOME!  All because you'll feel awesome!

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