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100% Raw Manuka Honey (UMF 15+)

There are many types of honey, ranging in nutritional quality, flavor, and sweetness. 
Honey in its 'Raw' state is far superior, in nutritional content and richness of flavor, compared to honey that has been through processing and pasteurization-a process that uses high-heat in order to liquefy microcrystals and delay onset of crystallization.  While pasteurized honey does keep longer as a liquid before crystalizing, the process completely destroys nearly
all of the health benefits related to nutrition, enzymes, and healing properties.

Manuka Honey, a unique honey from New Zealand, is 100% organic and mono-floral because bee's source the honey primarily from the Manuka tree.  

Manuka Honey is especially abundant in medicinal purposes and is considered world-wide as a therapeutic healing food that can be used in a variety of applications both internally and externally.

When purchasing Manuka Honey, be sure to pay attention to the "unique manuka factor" UMF* rating (concentration of unique antioxidant phenols) which can run as high as 20+ in some higher quality varieties.  *The UMF is responsible for the medicinal active antimicrobial grades.  Most common weakened immune systems cause bacteria and fungal infections, which is why Manuka Honey is used for treatment, it contains both anti-bacteria (UMG) and anti-fungal (UMF) properties.
For more information regarding health benefits of Manuka Honey, Learn More → 
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