+Nut Mix: Fitness Session - 20 minutes

+Nut Mix: Fitness Session - 20 minutes


Nut Mix topping adds fitness to your current scoop of choice, whether you chose single, double, or the works. Learn basic fitness, strength, and endurance training.  Workouts are set-up to be personalized to fit each individual's unique goals and provide simple fitness approaches for those who are stressed or require time management strategies.  All fitness workouts are goal oriented.

*Children ages 13 and younger, please use kids sundae menu.

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Basic fitness is to be added to assist your nutritional journey, not to supplement for a personal trainer at a gym.
Fitness strategies are provided based on a simple assessment of your fitness level and a program is designed to help get you on the right track with adding fitness to your healthy lifestyle.  Fitness strategies are provided and align to the nutrition and lifestyle goals.

  • Assessment of current fitness level (baseline fitness scores provide benchmarks for measuring progress)
  • Assessment of aerobic, flexibility, and muscular fitness
    • Includes: balanced routine, variety of activities, and 20 minutes of training time.

*This session may be used as a way to work fitness into your daily or weekly regimen.