+Cacao Nibs: Single Health Coaching Session for one (1) person

+Cacao Nibs: Single Health Coaching Session for one (1) person


This topping adds to your current scoop of choice, whether you chose single, double, or the works.  A single health coaching session will allow you to go over any questions and concerns as well as provide additional support to further your nutritional growth.  Session can be used to learn additional material, fine-tune current health plan, and structure eating plans.  They may also be used to provide support, diet maintenance, nutritional guidance, and healthy recipes.

*Children ages 13 and younger, please use kids sundae menu.

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Add cacao nibs to your scoop choice (single, double, the works) and learn about how food is connected to disease, understand the differences between organic, non-GMO, and conventional, unveil the mystery behind the USDA food labeling system, discover how bone anatomy is related to resistance training, review personalized nutrition plan, discuss benefits of whole foods and whole food supplements, receive recommendations for lifestyle management (sleep, stress, time, cooking, etc.), and receive healthy alternatives matching dietary needs for meal favorites.

*double scoop ice cream is for two (2) people, however, you can purchase a single health coaching session for 60 minutes to use for both members or use it individually.