Two Scoops for two (2) adults*

Two Scoops for two (2) adults*

  • Nutrition consultation - 90 minutes

  • Beginning the journey! Health coaching session - 90 minutes

*Children ages 4 and under require guardian
*Children ages 13 and under, please use kids menu pricing.

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  • Nutrition consultation - 90 minutes
    Review nutritional score card, discuss generalized concepts of current health trends, review the effects of food relationships and psychological habits, learn how to avoid diet traps, identify desired goals, review allergy concerns, and discover your personalized lifestyle path.

    (Receive: nutritional journey score card)

  • Beginning the journey! Health coaching session - 90 minutes
    Discuss unhealthy habits and how they affect physiology, understand the relationship the pituitary gland has on hormone regulation and emotional well-being, learn how the hypothalamus maintains homeostasis while being the center of stress control, discover how signals from the digestive system affect metabolism, the nervous system, and raise or reduce risk for health conditions like diabetes.

    (Beginning the journey, starter package includes: one (1) health coaching session, BF4L welcome binder, health assessment, dietary analysis, recommendations, health roadmap, support and educational material)