One Scoop for one (1) child*

One Scoop for one (1) child*

  • Nutrition Consultation - 30 minutes
  • Learning about Nutrition and Wellness
    Health Coaching Session - 30 minutes


*Children ages 4 and under require guardian
*Children ages 13 and over, please use standard pricing menu.

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  • Nutrition consultation - 30 minutes
    Review nutritional score card, discuss healthy vs. unhealthy eating, learn how eating healthy can prevent disease, review allergy concerns, learn to associate foods with energy, and talk about favorite foods!

(Receive: nutritional journey score card)

  • Beginning the journey, health coaching session - 30 minutes
    Discuss unhealthy habits and how they affect physiology, understand the how food plays a large role in energy, discover ways to make fun healthy snacks, replace unhealthy foods with healthy delicious options, and learn how to prevent diseases like diabetes, obesity, and cancer.

    (Beginning the journey, starter package includes: one (1) health coaching session, BF4L welcome folder, dietary analysis, recommendations, fun recipes, and goal tracking material.)