+Diced Fruit: Cooking Class

+Diced Fruit: Cooking Class


This is a hands on class that involves teaching children how to be a part of a kitchen and how they can help make healthy snacks and meals!  It's a great way for them to very important life skills too!
Diced fruit topping is added to scoop of choice, whether it's one scoop or super sundae.  Cooking classes will teach kids how to make all sorts of healthy foods, from snacks to meals!  They will be learning how to use kitchen tools (including knives) safely, cut produce properly,  combine ingredients for recipes, and use kitchen equipment (including: stove-top, oven, food processor and blender) 
Classes are fun and educational!  Anyone can learn how to cook and be a chef.
Includes: ingredients, tools, and take-home recipes!
Note: some classes may have take home optional supplies at additional costs.

*Children ages 13 and older, please use standard sundae menu.

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Larger classes are available, please contact us with your request for pricing. (capacity is 5 students or less)