We love ice cream, how 'bout you?

When it comes to eating healthy a lot of kids believe that this means never eating the foods they love, like ice cream.  It also means that they will be eating lots of salads and boring veggies instead of mac n' cheese and french fries.

why ice cream services

Society has created this monster of bad food in America. 'Bad food' is everywhere and it's in everything!  Lots of sugary foods, lots of processed foods, lots of enriched foods, lots of trans hidden fats, and lots of confusion!  It becomes SO confusing, that no one really knows what to do.  

Confused kid

It's not really your fault and it's not your parents fault either.  Most of the time, everyone is doing exactly what they think is best based on the information they are given.  Unfortunately, a lot of that information comes from people who have a vested interest.  (That means they get money out of selling you and your parents products that may not be healthy for you.)
Fortunately,YOU have the power to change all that!

You can make the choice to eat better for your body. You can get smart about what you are putting into that belly of yours and you can be educated about how that effects your health.  There are so many diseases out there and so many immune systems that are being destroyed because they aren't getting the nutrients and healthy bacteria they need.  
If you don't change the way you eat... you may end up having those diseases and allergies.  
What choice would you rather have:

kids choice
  1. eat healthy and prevent most diseases


  2. eat unhealthy, get a disease, avoid many foods, and take medication? 

I'm sure you would rather choose to be healthier and avoid disease.  But, what does eating healthy mean?
Well, it doesn't mean you have to eat boring, that's for sure!  

Healthy can be fun

You can still eat ice cream, you just have to change what is in your ice cream.  
You have to build vegetables and fruits into your diet to help boost your bodies' defenses and keep you strong and healthy.  

There is a lot of ways to make eating healthy fun, you just gotta be a little creative. 


Eating healthy will help you to avoid and prevent many diseases while you are young and even when you get older! 

You can feel good and have all the energy you need to play, be physical, and enjoy life.  You can avoid mood swings and frustration by avoiding chemicals in foods that cause your hormones to go up-and-down which effect your attitude and how you feel!

Healthy kids

BestFood4Life shows you how to build-up your body so it can be healthy and strong. You will learn how food effects your body and why you should care.  We can even teach you to make those yummy foods and then YOU can teach your parents how to eat healthy too!  Obviously, so they can have the energy to keep up with a healthy you!!