Hi, welcome to Bestfood4life!  My husband and I started this business with the goal to help others get their lives back on track with healthy living.  

Before we met, both of us had a track record of struggling with our weight and a variety of health issues for most of our life even though we were highly active.  When we started dating, I had already begun the journey healing my symptoms, eating right for my body, and eliminating foods my body couldn't process.  Impressed with my results he was ready to take his health to a new level as well. 

Before and After Scott

After a year, his blood pressure returned to a healthy normal level and his weight dropped 80 pounds-something he truly never dreamed possible. Several years later he continues to live a healthy lifestyle and has also healed many ailments including: blood triglycerides, cholesterol, tinnitus, candida, athlete's foot, eczema, scar tissue, and has increased vitality!
While all of this is absolutely wonderful, it's only a side effect from listening to what his body wanted and needed. 

If you asked him today what foods he had to give up he will tell you, very straight-forward, "I didn't have to 'give up' any foods, have you met my wife?"  It tends to make people laugh, but when they realize he's serious he continues with "...seriously, I eat like a KING."
That's right! At BF4L we refuse to sacrifice taste while improving the quality of foods we eat.  We eat until we are full.  We don't count calories or fat.  We don't waste our time weighing out foods.  We don't have "cheat" days.  We don't use a points system.
So, what DO we do?  Simple.  We listen. 
The most challenging part of listening to the body, is recognizing that 'symptoms' are a cry for help and the body tells this story visually, mentally, and physically as ailments, disorders, and diseases. 

What BF4L has to offer is the capability of translating our bodies' stories into something tangible...change and prevention.