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A gift in my eggs!

I get different pasture-raised eggs from the farmer's market, straight from the farm, Full Circle (organic produce) delivery and from the local Whole Foods or PCC.  Recently, I visited the local Whole Foods and needed to purchase some pasture-raised eggs, I have two choices there-both the same price, so it's really the luck of the draw on which one I purchase.  This last purchase, I decided to go for, Pasture Verde by Vital Farms.

I opened up the box, to check the eggs like I normally do, and I found a cut piece of paper inside.

I couldn't believe it, a 'newspaper' type clipping, cut out and placed on top of the eggs.  Now, maybe I just love the little things, but this really caught my eye.  I'm purchasing a product, like many other products, except this product did something unexpected and put just a little snip-it of a human touch to it.  The paper felt thick and it was printed on both front and back.  I felt like someone actually hand-cut a piece of newspaper for me to read.  My grandma sometimes sends my husband and myself clippings in the mail of things she might have seen in a magazine or newspaper, that made her think of us.  It's really cute and thoughtful and I was reminded of her when I saw this.  The little paper wrote about Pasture-Raised eggs, the hens and what their life was like, it also talked about the owner of the hens and a little bit of his background.  It was so neat! :)

VITAL TIMES (reads):
Happy Hens Love Summer Salads
The Pasture-Raised difference is Clear to See!
Summer's here and with it comes an abundance of the lush and nutrient-dense grasses that make for even richer and delicious egg yolks.  The deep orange color is one of the surest signs that our girls are outdoors eating the sort of salad and goodies that make them, and you, so much healthier.
This coloration comes from xanthophyll in the grass, one of which, the antioxidant lutein, is great for keeping your eyes healthy.  It's also a convenient way for our farmers to make sure the girls are getting all the natural goodness that they need.  Every farmer has a color chart to check yolks against, and a range to keep within.  Some variation in color is completely normal. "Our girls are free to choose what they eat," says Jackie Sleeper, head of animal welfare for Vital Farms.  "We just make sure to provide them a year 'round supply of the choicest greens to satisfy those cravings!"
Jack & His Hen-stock
Meet One of your Vital Farmers
Jack Balistreri lives on his farm, "The Vineyard", in Freestone, CA with his 1300 (and one, if you count his wife Kathy) girls.  After twenty five years of running sales businesses, Jack made a huge lifestyle change, and now works 24/7 taking care of his crops and beautiful animals.  If you ever ask Jack what he likes most about being a Vital Farmer, he doesn't even pause to answer. "It's the no-pressure environment, a daily commute that's a little more than a walk from house to barn, and chatting with my girls day in and day out."  Reckon the girls like that just as much as you do, Jack!
Picture of Chicken: Petunia is an NCal ISA White and loves foraging in the tall grass!
Did you know that it takes around 24-26 hours for a hen to lay an egg?  Now that's working overtime!
Have you got an eggs-tra special recipe that you're just dying to share with your fellow egg-lovers?  Drop us a line at, or visit our Facebook page.  We're making it a calendar, and you could be in it!
All farm animals should be treated with care, respect, and loving kindness.  By buying our eggs, you're helping make the world a better place.  Thank you from all of us at Vital Farms!

It was informative, gave some health factual information, gave the reader a personal connection to the business and made the buyer of the product feel like they were contributing to a positive cause.  I also felt appreciated!

I don't know but, the next time I have to choose for eggs at the Grocery Store and Vital Farms is there, I know I'll be purchasing their product.  There's just a little more love that I know goes into these eggs. :)

For more information about Eggs and their health benefits, visit my Whole-Foods Benefits & Nutrition: Pasture-Raised eggs section!

Have you been surprised by a product line that threw in something extraordinary that made you feel more connected with the product or company?  If so, share your experience with other readers below in the 'comments' section! :)