Who is BF(best food)4Life for?

  • Those who desire a healthy lifestyle from the inside out and no longer desire the alternatives: prescription drugs and bad nutrition-less food.
  • Those who want to know more about how food works, what it does for the body, and how they can use it to provide for themselves.
  • Those who want to be happy, healthy, full of energy, motivated, joyful, inspired, excited, and any other positive word you can think of!
  • Those who care about themselves.
  • Those who want to lose weight!
  • Those who want to feel young again.
  • Those who believe that diet fads are just another illusion.
  • Those who want to be educated about the food that fuels their very arm that puts the food in their mouth.
  • Those who are seeking therapy.
  • Those who want answers.
  • Those who believe that there IS a cure for disease, ailments, system failures, & disorders and that they possess the cure.
  • Everyone.

What is BF4Life?

It really is, what it sounds like.  Food for life, the life you live and how the food you eat impacts your every day thoughts, actions, and accomplishments.  Every.  Single. Day.  (period) Your body communicates with you, by 'symptoms' and these symptoms are very important to listen to. Life ISN'T a bitch and then you die, life is a force that can EMPOWER you.  Your being is caged in a body, that body has a purpose, to get you where you need to GO in life.  If you don't take care of your body, where do you think your life is going to go?  How do you think you're going to get there?  You desire travelling when you retire?  How are you going to travel if your body isn't able to do the things you want it to do?  What does it mean to take your daily vitamins?  How does food REALLY impact your life?  How are your moods impacted by food?  How do you prevent all of these diseases, sicknesses, and psychological disorders that are literally bogging down our society??  What do you do with all of these 'symptoms' your body is giving you?

When is a good time to start BF4Life?

Imagine, there is no such thing as time.  You can't go back to yesterday and you can't ever BE in tomorrow, so the only time you ever, ever, have... is now.

Where is BF4Life?

It's in your fridge, it's on your plate, it's in your belly, it's at your dinner table, it's at work with you, it's in your car, it's literally everywhere you are.  It's at your grocery store, it's at your farmers market, and your back yard.  It's not only where you are physically, it's also where you are mentally.  It's in your mood, it's in your physique, it's in your desires, it's in your motivation, it's in your organs, tissue, cells, & blood. 
It's in the way you walk, how you are able to walk, and what keeps you walking. 
Food4Life, is with you, for life.  It is the answer you've been looking for.

How does BF4Life work?

Food4Life, helps people get back on track with their life through nutrition.  It is not a diet plan, it is a guide towards eating food that is specific to each individual because each person's body responds uniquely to different foods.  Food4Life is an approach at living life, eating healthy, and making decisions that remove the component of "time" from the equation of goals.  Each person deserves to know how to eat for THEIR body, so that they can use their body to the fullest potential possible.  It's about waking up, feeling good, and having the energy to not only get through each day, but to LIVE each day, because everyone has the right to feel alive.

Why is BF4Life important?

Because YOU are important.