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Why going organic can save you money!

Why going organic can save you money!

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It’s a well-known fact that organic food has a more expensive upfront cost than conventional.  Priced side-by-side an organic piece of produce can cost 4x the price of conventional.  When comparing the two options at a grocery store conventional typically wins the basket, especially with specialty fruits and veggies.  For example, conventional avocados on sale can be as cheap as $1/piece, while organic avocados can price as high as $4/piece.  Typically, like most organic produce, the price is nearly double that of conventional.  After all, it costs more to be able to put that ‘organic’ label on a piece of produce than it does for conventional practices.  As I discuss with my clients and case study groups organic processes use better practices, substances, and methodologies than conventional processes.  The end product has less toxic substances found within and on its surface than conventional products.  However, most people believe that much of those toxins can be washed off using a produce cleaning solvent and scrub brush or peeled off and discarded.  Unfortunately, that’s not true. 

Even avoiding the ‘dirty dozen’ is only halfway towards the ultimate goal which should include avoiding all conventional produce most if not all of the time. 

“But, it’s so expensive!”  Yes, I’m totally aware that the upfront cost of organic is more expensive, this is a master illusion.  I can discuss the amount of chemicals found on a piece of conventional produce with someone.  Go into great lengths of the affects of these chemical compounds with regards to nervous system damage (neurological damage), cardiovascular damage, digestive problems (immune system dysfunctions), lymphatic system impairments, etc. and they are still concerned about the cost.  Cleaning off produce does not remove toxins released or absorbed into the specific fruit or vegetable; e.g. potatoes soak in toxic substances, so peeling off the skin just removes a layer of toxins.  The fruit or vegetable does not filter out toxic substances, especially if it’s a toxic substance itself.  GMO produce contains a compound that alters its genetics, its genetically modified.  This modification, while seemingly small, does not align with human genetics as a substance that can be utilized within the body.  It is seen as a foreign invader and the body responds by treating it as such. 

Non-organic produce actually cost more, after all hindsight is 20/20.

How?  Well, you have to purchase 2x the amount of conventional produce than organic produce.  It has been proven that organic produce and organic containing items such as organic, grass-fed, beef contain at least 50% more nutrient density than that of conventional.  It’s obvious when regarded with the high omega-3 content of grass fed organic beef vs. high omega-6 content of conventionally raised meat, but it goes beyond that.  In a meta-analysis study of organic foods vs. conventional foods, they found that organic food contained more than twice the amount of nutrients than conventional foods.  Berries can contain up to 7x more nutrients than conventional.  So, that translates to having to purchase at least 2x the amount of conventional food to the higher quality organic food.  Basically, you’ll have to consume more food to obtain the same amount of nutrients, purchasing at least twice the amount of produce may seem like a win, you’re eating more of the ‘good’ stuff, right?  That means more fruits and veggies conventionally raised with more pesticides and herbicides, i.e. more toxins, and more weight gain.  You’re consuming more foods that your body already has a harder time digesting, extra effort will have to be used towards detoxifying the system from the poisons which were just introduced into the body and the extra food will be converted into stored energy, i.e. fat, for later.

Nutritionally speaking, you're spending the same, if not more on conventional than organic.

In the long run though, all that toxic build-up (stored toxic fat) and overload to the system, is going to wreak havoc on your body, as mentioned before.  So, now you’re going to increase your chances of various cancers, digestive disorders (IBS, Leaky gut, Crohn’s disease etc.), autoimmune diseases (   type 1 diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, Addison’s disease, etc.), nervous system diseases (MS, Epilepsy, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, etc.), and many other problems. 

Conventional products essentially lay the foundation for disease but there are many other factors that also affect the health of the body.  What’s important is to remove as many of the components as we can so we allow our bodies to have as much ability to fight environmental toxins, bacteria, and pathogens that we encounter.  Our body needs to be taken care of to better serve our beings the most beneficial vessel while we are experiencing life on earth. 

If you want more energy and less toxins in your body; if you want more nutrients from your food and a better quality of life, do yourself a favor and stop looking at the surface of what you see.  Dive deeper into something and realize that you’re making a choice every time you put something in your body.  The choice to make whatever that is become part of you.

What food do you want to become part of your being?  What energy do you want to feel?  There is more to life than what meets the eyes.  There is more to the energy that is used to grow life, whether it’s a carrot or a baby, than meets the eyes.  There’s intent.  Intent to grow with the best practices, intent to keep the soil healthy, intent to allow plants and animals the best experience in life before they become a part of our bodies.  That intent is what we get to keep once the food passes through our digestive systems.  It’s not just about how much something costs.  The cost of something is much more impactful than we could ever experience, that goes beyond our bank accounts.  It’s our ability to make a choice for our health and wellness over paying doctors and procedures to take care of problems caused by these very choices. 

Do not let a $ sign dissuade you from choosing a higher quality of life, you are worth more than nickels and dimes.


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