Nutritional Therapist


Jem Roberts, NTP

Several years ago I was diagnosed with PCOS, infertility, and onset diabetes. Frustrated and confused I was determined to change my fate by taking matters into my own hands.  All my life I had struggled with weight and thyroid issues, but had no idea how any of that was connected to each other.  Immersing myself into the world of holistic nutrition I obtained my certification in Nutritional Therapy (CNTP), healed all my ailments, and in 2015 gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. My love for health, nutrition, and cooking forged this path in my life to help others, especially children, in learning how to live more aligned with the way our bodies were designed to function. 
Now, my goal is to empower others to heal themselves by making healthy choices using REAL food and providing resources, insight, and tools to make that lifestyle possible.